No one helps you manage longevity risk better

Before we start, a word of warning: unmanaged risk is nasty, dangerous stuff and it needs careful, expert handling, especially when there are millions of pounds at stake.

At Club Vita, our field of expertise is longevity - the biggest unmanaged risk your pension fund faces. We understand longevity better than anyone - in fact, we were set up to offer pension funds a better way of dealing with it - and if anyone's going to accurately predict the life expectancy of your pension fund members, it's going to be us.

More data...

We get you on track by pooling the data of all the pension schemes we work with to create the biggest, richest database of its kind - because more information means better decisions.

And we're not talking about decisions just based on information derived from postcode analysis, we put health and wealth data into the mix, too.

More accurate tools...

We analyse our pool of data with an armoury of precise analytical tools that enable us to assess the life expectancy of your pension scheme members as individuals and as a group, both now and in the future. And we'll do it with more precision than anyone else.

Not a pension scheme?

Don't worry, we're not going to call security. An understanding of longevity risk can be invaluable in many aspects of business such as enterprise risk management, institutional risk management and social policy. So, if you're a bank or an insurance company with concerns in these areas, please get in touch.

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